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"Coffee Making a Difference"

Our patriotic house blend of coffee exemplifies what the taste of victory is all about.  One sip and you will discover how much emphasis, attention to detail was involved during the roasting process to bring you one of the most flavorful cups of coffee you will ever have.

High speed and low drag is the best way to describe this unique blend of coffee.  This coffee doesn’t taste like muddy water.  Instead, our dark roast coffee will satisfy your taste buds while serving as force multiplier as you carry out your mission.

This subtle blend of patriotic decaffeinated coffee has a welcoming, balanced flavor ideal for any occasion.

With each purchase of Charlie Foxtrot Coffee you make a patriotic difference in the lives of America’s warriors, their families and the patriotic Americans who selflessly give of their time, talent, and treasure in support of our armed forces as all net proceeds from the sale of Charlie Foxtrot Coffee will support military, veteran and family support initiatives.

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