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Warriors’ resiliency tested on the mat

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Soldiers and family members from the 437th MP Battalion and 371st Sustainment Brigade, which just returned from their tour of duty in Afghanistan, participated in Operation Let’s Roll (OLR) as part of their 60-day resiliency training at the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) Fitness Center May 17 – 18, 2014.

The gym was turned into a classroom where Soldiers and their family members exercised their mind and bodies learning basic techniques from the sport of submission grappling, which the military combatives program is largely based on.


“Unlike previous events, participants aren’t sitting in a chair all the time,” said Meghan Nagy who was celebrating her eleventh wedding anniversary with her spouse Sgt. First Class Brian Nagy, member of the 371st Sustainment Brigade, and her sons Elek and Alder.

She added: “The event provided an opportunity to create more of a connection.  Now, I have a better understanding of what he does and how I can better support him. 


Leveraging the sport of submission grappling, military combatives provides a unique opportunity to open the lines of communication with our warriors and their families, effectively educate them about the importance of resiliency and the Army’s “Five Dimensions of Strength”: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family while allowing them an opportunity to reconnect with their battle buddy or family member.

“OLR was really nice because my kids really enjoyed it.  They felt like it’s something special they can do with their father, said Nagy.”

“They are picking up on some different techniques and moves and they can go home and practice, play around and rough house some more.  It gets them more time to bond with their father.”

According to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) studies, approximately 40 percent of returning Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) veterans have challenges associated with transitioning back to civilian life after a military deployment.  Some challenges include: difficulty with social relations, potential harmful behavior, self-medication, anger issues, anxiety, and decreased productivity.


In between submission grappling sessions, participants learned valuable lessons and coping mechanisms to deal with some of the potential challenges associated with reintegrating back to civilian daily life from Sgt. First Class Douglas Spain, Ohio National Guard (OHRNG) Resilience Coordinator, Warrior Support.


The Disabled American Veteran, Capital City Chapter #3, was on-site too to provide valuable support in answering questions pertaining to military, veterans’ benefits while engaging in peer-to-peer camaraderie.

Members of the 437th MP Battalion and 371st Sustainment Brigade took part in Operation Let's Roll as part of the Ohio National Guard Resliency Training 60 days after completing their tour of duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  They proudly display their Operation Let's Roll certificate of accomplishment.

Multi-time martial arts world champions, and Operation Let's Roll Master Instructors, Mike and Kristi Bowersock illustrate the art of submission grappling. The Bowersock's have been steadfast supporters of the armed forces and the community.  Both have many relatives who answered Amerrica's call to duty.

The Nagy family shows the sport of
submission grappling is open to  all regardless of age or gender.

The sport of submission grappling reinforces the bond between battle buddies while concentrating on warrior tasks.

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