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Factoid: Per the National Defense Authorization Act (2008) Veterans
are now allowed to salute the flag, which was only received for servicemembers.
Read more here.

Ever wonder about the orgins of the military hand salute?  Then check
out the historical account from the
U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum.

We Salute  You


Charlie Foxtrot Coffee will continue its mission to educate the public at large about our country’s armed forces rich history while honoring those who answered America’s call to duty and their patriotic supporters.  A portion of net sales from America’s official brand of patriotic coffee will directly support members of the armed forces, military veterans, and their families: past, present and future.



Celebrate America Resource Guide
Source: VA Public Affairs


Occasions for Appreciation & Remembrance



  • New Years Day

  • Christmas

  • Thanksgiving

  • Valentine's Day

  • Birthdays

  • Fourth of July

  • Anniversary

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

Great way to support and honor America's best.  Buy a bag today.

Armed Forces Birthdays

Abolished Feb 1781 - Reinstated Sept. 7, 1781


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